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otc behind the ear hearing aid with box

Great sound

Make your customers hear crystal clear sound in CD quality

Small and discreet

Unnoticabel Behind The Ear (BTE) or invisible In-The-Ear (ITE) devices

Voice processing

Enhanced speech understanding by digital voice processing

Great margins

Offer premium solutions to competitive prices

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Audionexx Mini

MSRP $799


Rechargeable mini hearing aids - because size does matter
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Audionexx 402BT

MSRP $299


Control the hearing aids with your smartphone
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Audionexx 202

MSRP $199

Value king

Better hearing and understanding on a budget
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Audionexx 102

MSRP $99

Nearly invisible

Smallest In-The-Ear hearing aid on a budget
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Audionexx 107

MSRP $99

Best price

Easy and affordable Behind-The -Ear hearing aid
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Dry and disinfection box

MSRP $89


Drying and disinfection of hearing aids
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About us

With more than 20 years experience in the hearing aid industry we have helped literally thousands of customers hear better. However, there are millions of people who can’t afford hearing aids for some thousand dollars.

That’s why we at Audionexx came up with OTC hearing aids. They are easy to use hearing aids designed and programmed for best speech understanding even in challenging situations. They are affordable and work out of the box without the need of expensive fitting appointments at an Audiologist’s office.

We offer you:

  • premium OTC hearing aids proven for crystal clear hearing
  • Behind the Ear (BTE) or In the Ear (ITE) designs available
  • private label accessories (hearing aid dry/disinfection box and batteries) available
  • private label box design
  • private label app design
  • direct shipping to consumer (if desired)

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