Audionexx Hearing Aid Dehumidifier Dry Box


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Less chances of catching an ear infection and itchy ears

The automatic 15 minute UVC light disinfection program kills germs and keeps your hearing aids 99,9% bacteria-free.

Save money & extend hearing aid lifetime

The Audionexx Sanitizer gently dries your hearing aids thus decreases wax buildup which results in less repairs.

Easy to use with automatic shut off mechanism

3h, 6h and 9h drying sequence, that shuts off automatically in case you forgot you left it on.

Stop wasting good batteries & improve performance

Used hearing aid batteries, which are low on power might cause distorted sounds. Additionally leakage from battery will damage the hearing aids. With the integrated battery tester that is a thing of the past.

Safe & harmless for all types of hearing aids

The integrated temperature- and over-heating safety mechanism always takes care that your hearing aids are dried with the optimal temperature.

7 reviews for Audionexx Hearing Aid Dehumidifier Dry Box

  1. Philipp Moser

    Using this dryer and its UV light desinfection + drying sequence stopped my itchy ears. I would definitely recommend the audionexx hearing aid dryer to others looking for a hearing aid desinfection dryer.

  2. Yage Wang

    I’m very pleased with this electric dryer. It works flawlessly and automatically shuts off once the job is done.

  3. Lawrence R. Vespie

    I like the way it operates, but I wish it had an on/off switch so it didn’t have to be unplugged. Otherwise it does a really good job.

  4. Just Basic

    Very easy to operate. Works like advertised. Does an excellent job of drying my hearing aids. Works like a charm!

  5. GWms

    Works very well. Easy to use and I live in the tropics and was having trouble with moisture in my hearing aids. This solved the proble.

  6. Jochen Mertl

    I was looking for a hearing aid dryer that I can use on a daily basis. The product worked as advertised and I have a clean and dry pair of hearing aids ready everytime I wake up in the morning.

  7. Lilian Santos

    This machine is very quiet and dries out my hearing aid better than the non electronic kind. I initially thought that the battery tester doesn’t work. Now I figured, the battery has to touch the contact point on the side not just the metal flatform. And because it has UV light,I don’t experience itchiness while wearing my hearing device anymore. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

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