"OTC hearing aids have boosted my business in only a few weeks. They go perfectly with my other products, and Audionexx is a great partner. They offer high-quality products, a free and easy to use online learning platform, and excellent margins."
Maria H.
Pharmacist, GA

Why OTC hearing aids are a perfect fit for your pharmacy

Help your patients

Improve the lives of your patients by providing better hearing for them

Easy to sell

No special audiological education needed

Great margins

Offer affordable and profitable hearing solutions

Did you know that:

  • 1/3 of all Americans aged 65-74 suffer from hearing loss, and nearly half of those over 75 has difficulty hearing(1)
  • 70% of adults aged 70+ with hearing loss have never tried hearing aids although they would benefit from using them(2)

As an independent pharmacist, you want to connect with your patients and find the best solutions for them – just like us.
OTC hearing aids complete your product range, as they are helpful in many ways. They:

  • reduce loneliness(3)
  • delay dementia(4)
  • improve quality of life(5)

Check Out Our Solutions

OTC Service Starter

Start your free service-partnership
$ 00
  • free listing in service partner database
  • free access to knowledge database
  • free email support
  • free access to order platform

OTC Bestseller Pack

Start your hearing aid business now
$ 999
  • 2 pairs K17 In-Ear
  • 2 pairs 402BT Behind-Ear
  • free repairs/exchanges in warranty
  • free phone support
  • free tube and dome sets

OTC Professional Pack

The right device for every customer
$ 1399
  • 3 pairs K17 In-Ear
  • 2 pairs 402BT Behind-Ear
  • 1 pair 202 Behind-Ear
  • free repairs/exchanges in warranty
  • free phone support
  • free tube and dome sets

Got questions? Call our professional support!

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Audionexx products

Audionexx ID-1 Charge & Dry

MSRP $399

Small + great sound

rechargeable mini hearing aids with charger - drying function included

Audionexx K17

MSRP $399

Nearly invisible

rechargeable mini hearing aids - because size does matter
View details

Audionexx 402 BT

MSRP $399

Focus on speech

Improved understanding and Bluetooth to control the hearing aids with a smartphone
View details

Audionexx 202

MSRP $199

Value king

Better hearing and understanding on a budget
View details

Dry and disinfection box

MSRP $89


Drying and disinfection of hearing aids
View details

Dome + filter pack for K17

MSRP $19


Silicone domes and filters for K17 hearing aids

About us

With more than 20 years of experience in the hearing aid industry, we have helped thousands of customers hear better. However, there are millions of people who can’t afford hearing aids for a few thousand dollars.

That’s why we at Audionexx came up with OTC hearing aids. They are easy-to-use hearing aids designed and programmed for best speech understanding even in challenging situations. They are affordable and work out of the box without the need for expensive fitting appointments at an Audiologist’s office.

We offer you:

  • premium OTC hearing aids for maximizing speech understanding
  • Behind the Ear (BTE) or In the Ear (ITE) designs
  • Rechargeable or battery-powered devices
  • private labeling (MOQ 200 pcs)
  • direct shipping to consumer (if desired)