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ReSound Omnia Hearing Aids

ReSound Omnia

ReSound Omnia Intro

The ReSound Omnia hearing aids follow the ReSound One, and they look exactly the same. The main difference is in the technology, as ReSound promises to improve the understanding of speech in noise by up to +150%! But we’ll get to that later.

These Receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids come in different versions, rechargeable or battery-powered with size 312 or size 13 batteries

This is the rechargeable version, and like the One, Omnia uses inductive charging. Therefore, you will not find charging contacts on the hearing aids.

There are three chargers available: the Premium Charger which has a built-in power bank for up to three extra charges the Standard Charger, and the Desktop charger.

Omnia From Outside

Omnia has a push button that can be programmed to switch through hearing programs or adjust the amplification, two microphone inlets, an LED light, and a receiver cable. This is the M&RIE receiver, it consists of a receiver and an additional microphone that sits in the ear channel. This improves the Pinna effect which helps to identify which direction sound is coming from. The Omnia is IP68 certified which means that these hearing aids are not only dust-proof but also waterproof.

Inside ReSound Omnia

There are three performance levels available: 9, 7, and 5. The level 9 premium device comes with 5 hearing programs and levels 7, and 5 come with 4 hearing programs. One thing that I’m not happy with is that ReSound doesn’t switch through the different hearing programs automatically, the wearer has to change them according to the noise environment that he is in.

As mentioned before, ReSound has improved the ability of understanding speech in noise by up to 150%. Therefore they offer two new features:

360 All Around gives the wearer a complete sound impression from surrounding sounds, while still focusing on speech.

Front Focus focuses on speech from the front while calming down background noise.

Also, the sound of the own voice has become more natural, which is especially helpful for people that are new to wearing hearing aids.

The hearing aids feature Bluetooth connectivity and sound streaming, which brings phone calls and music directly into your hearing aids. This works both for iPhones and many newer Android phones.

The Smart 3D app gives you full control over your hearing aids, and it has a new feature: the Check My Fit feature helps the wearer to see if the receiver is sitting correctly in the ear. This is important, as the wrong fit of a receiver can lead to a loss of amplification of up to 11 decibels, which is a lot.


So all in all Omnia is a good choice for people who are having trouble understanding speech in noise, which is basically most people with bad hearing. It has an appealing design, rechargeable, and battery-powered versions, and is suitable for all kinds of hearing loss. Combined with the M&RIE receiver, wearers get an even more natural sound. The M&RIE receiver is available for all three performance levels. 

Before you decide on these hearing aids I recommend checking, if your phone is supported by ReSound in order to enjoy hands-free calls and music streaming. Your hearing professional can help you with that, and there is also a list of compatible mobile phones online.

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