Hearing Loss Guide

Find out how severe your hearing loss is in 2 minutes.

You might have Mild hearing loss if...

  • You have difficulty hearing women and children’s voices
  • You have trouble following a conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time
  • You have trouble understanding a speaker in a large room, such as a meeting place or place of worship
  • You have trouble understanding conversation in a crowded room or restaurant
  • You have difficulty hearing the TV
  • You worry about missing the doorbell or phone ringing
  • You sometimes miss words and need help “filling in the gaps”
  • You get confused about where sounds come from
  • You have difficulty understanding when someone is talking to you from another room

You might have Moderate hearing loss if...

  • Several items from “Moderate” are present AND…
  • You have trouble understanding someone, even in a quiet room, without looking directly at them
  • People get frustrated with you because you misunderstand what they are saying
  • Others have to raise their voice or repeat themselves for you to understand
  • It is difficult to use the telephone
  • Crowded situations make it extremely difficult to hear without hearing aids

You might have Severe hearing loss if...

  • Several items from “Mild” & “Moderate” are present AND…
  • You have trouble noticing when a person is talking if you are not looking at them
  • You miss most conversations when not wearing hearing aids
  • Others have to raise their voices substantially in order for you to hear them
  • You struggle to or cannot talk on the telephone