Cutting a Phonak BTE Hearing Aid in Half


Dissection of a Phonak Hearing Aid

Ok, this post is a little more entertaining than educational. But let’s be real: everybody who’s wearing hearing aids (and also every hearing aid professional) has at least once thought about destroying a hearing aid. However nobody ever does it as hearing aids cost a lot of money.

In the following video I’ll help you out and cut a Phonak Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid in half.

You will see most of the inner parts of the hearing aid which – in my opinion – is quite interesting. But please find out for yourself.

Important Note

The hearing aid in the video is defective, which means it can’t be used any more. This is important as I would never destroy a working hearing aid for fun.

We received the hearing aid from Thank you for that guys.

In a nutshell

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