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behind the ear hearing aid

Audionexx 402 BT

Rated 4.9 out of 5 by our customers.

Our best solution for treating mild to moderate hearing loss.

The dual microphone system makes you hear crystal clear again. Try them out yourself and start enjoying life again.

Hearing loss level: mild to moderate

Price: $399
Pair Price: $699

Financing options available at checkout.

Hear flawlessly again in any environment

Group Conversations

Busy Street / Roads



Easily adjustable without spending time & money at the doctors office.

Download our smartphone app and adjust your hearing aids with just a few clicks.

Real customer reviews

  • Very satisfied. I got the 402 BT devices.
    John MC
  • These devices are amazing for this price!
  • I was hesitant to purchase devices online, especially since I did not own hearing aids before. Thanks I jumped over the fence & purchased a pair - I can finally keep up a conversation without constantly repeating myself.
    Mickey M. Brown
  • Good hearing aids
  • I mostly sat at home these days, because any activities with people my age were a mere reminder of the bad situation my hearing loss got me. A friend who saw an ad online recommended me the Audionexx devices. All I can say is that these devices were life changing for me. It is insane how such small devices can make such a big difference in ones’ life. Thank you!
    Harold D.
  • Bought the 402BT. Excellent purchase!
    Betsy Lewis
  • "Insane value this company offers for the price! "
  • If you are unsure give them a try. I could not decide myself but gave them a chance anyways because they offered a money back guarantee. Turned out very well for me so far - absolutely happy with the Audionexx hearing aids.
  • I was diagnosed with high frequency hearing loss. My doctor quoted me with hearing aids that were north of $4000. After some research online I discovered Audionexx. After talking with Phil whether their devices were a good fit or not I was convinced & after 3 months of using them already I can proudly say: “I made the right decision!”
    Thomas W
  • Wife has them and really likes them.
    John Schaeffner
  • My hearing loss is not so bad that I wanted to spend $5000 or more on hearing aids but still.. it bothered me. Since I have moderate hearing loss I talked to Phil at Audionexx and tried their BTE hearing aids. I am absolutely happy with the Audionexx hearing aids they cost only a fraction and are perfect for my kind of hearing loss. They also hide perfectly behind my ears and are comfortable to wear. I made a good decision!
    Jim E.M.

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Frequently asked questions

You don’t need a hearing test to purchase our hearing aids.

The Audionexx Hearing Aids are designed to amplify frequencies associated with mild to moderate hearing loss that occurs from long term noise exposure or aging.

This type of hearing loss is very common amongst the population but not treated in many cases.

Our hearing aids are appropriate for most hearing losses however if you are unsure how severe your hearing loss is it’s best get in touch with us to discuss your problem and if our devices are a good fit for you by sending us an email to

No you don’t have to visit a local audiologist for the devices to work properly.

Yes – we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Yes, our hearing devices are approved by the FDA.

Our manufacturer warranty lasts 12 months. In case you encounter a malfunction with our devices we are happy to repair or replace the unit.

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