An Overview of the Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid

Signia Active Pro with charger

Signia Active Pro X

In this post I’ll give you a brief overview of the new Signia Active Pro X hearing aids.
Signia tries to give hearing aids a new image. We have already seen that with the Styletto devices.
Now we got a completely new hearing aid style. Signia Acitve Pro X comes with an earbud design. That’s because these headphones are mostly worn by young people during sports and Signa wants to attract young hearing aid wearers who don’t want to have a “classic” hearing aid. Of course the devices are rechargeable and the charger case has a built-in power bank for charging on the go.
In the video below you see a brief review of the hearing devices.


The Signia Active Pro X is an In-Ear hearing aid which means that all the technology is in the ear channel and nothing behind the ear.
The design tries to imitate earbud-style headphones.

A silicone ear piece (the dome) sits on the receiver for proper fit. There are different ear dome styles and sizes available. Your hearing professional can also provide you with a custom-made earpiece.

RIC hearing aids are very popular because they offer many advantages over traditional hearing aids:
1. they keep the ear channel open which results in a very natural sound impression.
2. the receiver cable is very thin which makes it nearly unnoticeable.

The hearing aid is powered by a rechargeable battery. It comes with an inductive charger which makes it very easy to charge. Simply put the hearing aid into the charging slot and you’re done. There are no contacts to connect – similar to an electric toothbrush.

As the hearing aid has Bluetooth it can connect to the free Signia App (for iOS and Android phones). This is very useful as you can control the volume of the hearing device, switch programs and adjust the hearing angle of the directional microphones. Direct streaming (phone calls, music…) is available for iPhones. If you’re using an Android phone you’ll need an accessory (Signia StreamLine Mic) for that. If you’re looking for improved hearing when watching TV, the Signia StreamLine TV might be a good fit. This device streams audio sound from your TV directly into your hearing aids.

Tech Specs and features

The Signia Active comes in two technology options: Active Xand Active Pro X.
It depends on your lifestyle, your hearing loss and (of course) your budget which technology fits best for you.

  • Choose up to 6 from the following hearing programs: Universal, Noisy Environment, TV, Reverberant Room, HD Music, Phone, Outdoor Sports, Stroll, Privacy, Tinnitus
  • Built-in Lithium-ion battery
  • Rechargeable, EchoShield, Made for iPhone, e2e wireless 3.0, Extended dynamic range, Android Compatible, Dynamic Soundscape Processing, Sound Clarity
  • 48 channels / 20 handles
  • Choose up to 4 from the following hearing programs: Universal, Noisy Environment, TV, Music, Phone, Outdoor Sports, Privacy
  • Built-in Lithium-ion battery
  • Rechargeable, Made for iPhone, e2e wireless 3.0, Extended dynamic range, Android Compatible, Dynamic Soundscape Processing, Sound Clarity
  • 16 channels / 8 handles

The direct Bluetooth streaming from iPhones is a cool feature, which let’s me hear phone calls directly in the hearing aids. However if you’re using an Android phone you need an accessory (Signia StreamLine Mic) to get your phone calls into the hearing aids.
Another very useful feature is the free Signia smartphone app. It gives you control over the volume and hearing programs without being overwhelming with features.
Charging the hearing aids is pretty easy with the inductive charger. Simply put the hearing aids into the charging slots and that’s it.

This is a short list of features. For more detailed information visit or contact me using the form below.

Conclusion (personal opinion)

The Signia Active Pro X is a good rechargeable hearing aid with modern design. It has not the same features as other Signia X hearing aids, but it is definitely an option for people who don’t want their hearing aid to look like one. It is small and can be programmed for most hearing losses. It is rechargeable and features two technology levels. Bluetooth is on board, which let’s you stream phone calls and music directly into the hearing aids (iPhone only). The free smartphone app is a nice feature that gives you control over a lot of hearing features (works with all smartphones).

In a nutshell

So what's next?

If you’re interested in trying the Signia Active Pro X hearing aids, contact your local hearing aid dispenser for a test drive. Wearing new hearing aids for 2-4 weeks is the best way to figure out if you like them or not.
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